Nothingness? Dust?

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“You are dust, and to dust you shall return.” Gen. 3:19

Words of dust remind us of our nothingness…that is, our nothingness without the grace of God.

For many of our students, they ask, Nothingness? Dust? What’s that all about?

One of our tasks as educators of the Faith, especially during Lent, is to pass on the understanding of our nothingness without the grace of God, and the blessings we can receive through his grace.

We all desire that our students come to Holy Mass in complete humility, knowing that their need for the grace of God is real; knowing that through the grace of the Eucharist God will fill our nothingness and make us whole.

So, how do we instill these understandings of our faith into the hearts of those we teach? How do we teach students that without the power and glory of Jesus Christ, without his grace, our nothingness is real?

We know that the way God chose to reveal himself was through the story of his love for us that we hear in Sacred Scripture. This narrative of salvation history that comes alive during the Liturgical Year is the conduit through which students can understand not only nothingness and dust, but how we can be transformed through grace which gives us new life.

As teachers of the Faith, we should lead students through the Liturgical Year with a deeper understanding of the Mass. What better way to know of God’s power and glory, than to know not only that they are present at Christ’s Passion and Resurrection during the Mass, but that through his grace they can be transformed.

The Faith and Life Liturgical Year Supplemental Lessons for Lent are structured within the context of salvation history so that God’s story will become their story. Through these lessons students walk with Christ in the darkness of his suffering and the joy of his Resurrection so that they can understand and live out these mysteries. Through these lessons students will  learn to turn to the power of God so that they can be transformed in Christ.

This Lenten season, use these supplemental lessons found in the new Parish Catechist Manual. Don’t have it? Click here to download the Lenten lessons!

If you are unable to download the files please email

May the victory of Christ’s Resurrection transform you and your students this year!