Advent Blessings

What is the antidote for students who are steeped in and affected by a culture that is contrary to the Gospel message?

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We know that children today are steeped in a culture that is contrary to the Gospel message. The only antidote is finding peace in the life of Christ, in his Word, by walking with him particularly in the Liturgical Year.

As students today are faced with the world’s standard of being “number one”, or prideful without giving God his due, they need to know the blessings of Jesus’ humility coming into the world as the King of Kings in a lowly manger.

Students today, many of whom are in broken families or families in need of healing, are yearning for the peace of Christ. The image of Jesus’ young life in a family that exemplifies the nature of love, can nurture the virtue of hope in their young minds.

Our students today are being tempted to think that a life of ease and comfort without any sacrifice or suffering is their due. How do we show them that the struggles of life are precisely how we grow and come to know ourselves and Christ?

And finally, when children are faced with real health or emotional issues brought on very often by being immersed in a secular culture, how do we inspire in them, the possibility that the hope and power of the Resurrection really can be theirs, even now?

The answer? By walking with Christ in the Liturgical Year, by walking with Christ throughout all of salvation history, to literally see and believe that God never abandons his people. In short, through the virtues given to them at Baptism: Faith to believe, Hope for eternal life and the desire to love as God loves.

The Faith and Life Series, new Parish Catechist Manuals offer three supplemental lessons on the love story of salvation history and walking with Christ during Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter. Each lesson nurtures these virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.

Links to these Advent lessons are below. Please use them. Give your students the greatest gift they will receive this Advent and Christmas Season. Use these lessons to walk with them through Salvation History, particularly to receive the blessings of waiting for our Savior, Jesus Christ. Use these lessons to exemplify all that our secular culture does not offer to them: hope, peace and the self-giving love of Christ. The greatest gift they receive will be the inspiration to give these gifts to others.

May God bless you, your students, your families, your parish and your diocese this Advent and Christmas Season

Grades 1-8 Advent Lesson Plans

If you are unable to download these lessons, email

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