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This blog is for you, the Faith and Life Series user and/or those who have reviewed or inquired about the Faith and Life Series. In addition to our School and Parish Religious Education catalog and the Faith and Life website, this blog will inform you about what the Faith and Life Series offers, as well as supplemental materials that are available for you! Through blog dialogue, you will have opportunities to ask questions and offer ideas that you would like to share with others. The goal is to provide a networking system for all Faith and Life users!

This first article features an overview of our more recent Faith and Life resources. Please feel free to ask questions and to comment on how you use these materials or to offer suggestions for others.

Our newest component is the Parish Catechist Manual written specifically for parent catechists. These parish manuals are very user friendly! First, lessons are presented in an easy to follow, once-a-week format. The new manual employs the Ecclesial Methodology, presents the story of salvation history in a simplified manner (timeline provided), and gives engaging discussion questions (and answers) with many optional learning activities, among many other features. The Parish Catechist Manual provides 25 lessons per year; these include one new introductory lesson and two liturgical year lessons. Sacrament Preparation in Grade 2 has been streamlined for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Grade 8 has an option specifically for Confirmation preparation! (

Faith and Life Online powered by My Catholic Faith Delivered is really taking off for those who prefer to use technology with the “flipped classroom” approach. Parish programs that are dealing with busy families, students who miss classes for various reasons, students who learn on different levels, those who are dealing with inclement weather, and especially those who struggle with having the time to fit it all in an hour/hour and a half, all find that the flipped classroom approach is very beneficial! Faith and Life Online is the answer to many catechetical issues that we all face. Kids learn the cognitive material online, at-home with state of the art technology in an interactive and engaging format. Faith and Life Online can be used totally independently, but follow-up sessions (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) are suggested for engaging discussion, life application, learning about lives of the Saints, and Catholic devotionals. One of the greatest aspects of Faith and Life Online is that all student work can be monitored by the catechist or DRE. (

The Family Guide is a must! We all know that parental participation is key to catechizing our children. The Family Guide empowers parents to become the primary educators of their children’s faith. The summaries and review questions give parents the content to guide students to apply their faith in their lives and provide the context for further follow up activities for the family. (and the parents learn too!)

Online Resources? We’ve got them for every chapter of every grade level. Developed by the Sisters in the Diocese of Lincoln, these engaging Power Point presentations, video clips and more engaging activities, are the perfect ancillary tools for any catechetical session. (go to

Are you looking for the perfect supplement to develop a culture of virtue in your school or parish? Education in Virtue is the answer! Developed by the Dominican Sisters, Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, these tools are the answer to educating and nurturing virtue in our families. Begin with the lexicon of virtue at every grade level. Intuitive classroom tools, educator’s guide, Lectio Divina journals include just but a few of the resources you will need to increase Catholic identity and equip all to not only understand the philosophy, but the “how to” of building a culture of virtue. (go to

Yes, the Faith and Life Series offers all of these resources and more! Go to for more information or to order a review of the new Parish Catechist Manual, Family Guide or to download the free online resources!

Online school and parish ordering with billing and discounts? Yep, we have that too! Go to for your religious education needs.

How will the Faith and Life Blog work? Periodical articles will feature answers to your questions or highlight different features of the series. You are invited to comment and ask questions. The goal is to provide a networking forum for you! Feel free to comment, ask questions or provide your insight about any aspect of the Faith and Life Series and supplemental material.

Thank you and God bless you for all that you do for the Church!